We need to talk

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We need to talk

Post by Admin on Sat Dec 05, 2015 2:28 am

Hi guys,

Earlier today, Emmad, the Primarch, messaged me about you guys, and what he said was rather interesting. According to Emmad, you guys believe that you influence the Council's vote on whether or not to give protectorate status to Magistar Martalis. Now I think this is my fault due to my failure to properly explain the MAB's role in these matters. The MAB influences MY (the Lord Inquisitor's) vote ONLY, unless specifically requested by the council. Your job is to provide the Lord Inquisitor with a sample of the people's opinion. You do not influence the council as a whole. I apologize for my bluntness and for any prior miscommunication.



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Re: We need to talk

Post by Cath on Sat Dec 05, 2015 3:32 am

Admin wrote:Hi guys,

According to Emmad, you guys believe that you influence the Council's vote on whether or not to give protectorate status to Magistar Martalis.


During our meeting today there was a lot of misunderstanding going on.
First, the impression that we may sway the council stems from the actions of Finest. He approached me wanting to know the board's opinion of his idea of creating MDP with some alliances. I informed the board of his propositions and then scheduled an open house with the board so that the board may ask any questions as to why he is proposing this. The Open House was meant to be informational only, not to discuss the opinions of the MAB. However, I do not believe Finest understood that we do not influence the entire council, except you, and started asking for people's opinions, which people began to give. From there a Board Member brought up what was thought about giving protectorate status to Magistar Martalis. Emmad was present during most of the discussion and the board should not have been discussing their opinions with with the member who proposed the issue but only with MAB members. There is a lot going on with the board that it is not clear and creating confusion. I do not think the members of UPN understand what the MAB is for, and honestly I don't think most on the board knows either. This board is in it's infancy and it's not going too well. There needs to be a more defined definition as to what this board is about. I can see it's potential but I do not think it is going to meet that potential or accurately represent the people of UPN how it is currently structured. There are those in council that are concerned about this board and creating a sub government within UPN. I would not be surprised if this board was disbanded in less than a month.

Below is the exact message I sent to the board:
Finest wishes to have the board's opinion on the following matters:

A potential Mutual Defense Pact(MDP) with The Knights Radiant and The Light Federation.
TKR: (Forum wont let me post links)
TLF: Link

A potentail Mutual Defense optional Aggression Pact(MDoAP) with North American Confederacy.
NAC: link

General opinion of the following alliance: Charming's Friends
CF: link

An IRC channel was created for the MAB #upnmab
The channel is not private so cease all conversation on the matter brought to the board if someone not approved joins the channel.
The following people are approved on be on the board for the FA matters: All MAB member, Jakeman4, and Finest and the rest of the Council if they wish to join in.
I will keep record of our discussions so if you are not able to attend a discussion I can send out summaries on what happened.
Please let me know if your IRC name is different from your PW/Forum username.

There is an open house scheduled today (12-4-15) with Finest from 4-5pm Orbis time on IRC with any questions you may have. He is willing to schedule another open house on 12-5-15 in the afternoon Orbis time if it is needed. You do not have to attend if you don't want to or if you don't have any questions. It would be a good tie for discussions though.
I will be sending out a survey Saturday (12-5-15) night and will close it Sunday (12-6-15) night and I will report the board's decision on the matters brought to hand to Jakeman.

-Chairwoman Cath


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Re: We need to talk

Post by Jakeman4 on Sat Dec 05, 2015 4:12 am

Ok Cath, if possible, I want you to get everyone's questions and concerns about the board and post them here, then I will clarify to the best of my ability.

Lord Inquisitor
Lord Inquisitor

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Re: We need to talk

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