Member Advisory Board Charter

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Member Advisory Board Charter

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Member Advisory Board


In order to remedy and further strengthen the bond of trust between the elected leadership and the membership, the Lord Inquisitor hereby establishes the Member Advisory Board for the purpose of maintaining trust between the government and the membership. This will be accomplished through the execution of the duties of the Member Advisory Board (MAB), which will be detailed and outlined in this document.

Article I: Structure

The Member Advisory Board is comprised of a Chair, two Senior Board Members, and four Board Members.
The Chair is the head and overseer of the MAB.
The Senior Board Members are especially experienced in Politics and War, and have often served in government in some capacity.
Board Members are often newer members to UPN, but their enthusiasm cannot be understated.

Article II: Appointment

In order to fill the MAB with members, the Lord Inquisitor may place any member they feel is capable on the MAB. Should the Primarch disagree with an appointment, they may void the appointment solely on the grounds that the person in question cannot fulfill their duties as required by the Member Advisory Board Charter.

Article III: Calling a Meeting

In the event that the Member Advisory Board could be needed, a meeting may be convened in any of four ways.

1) The Lord Inquisitor may order a meeting.
2) The Primarch may order a meeting
3) Any Board Member may call for a meeting. However, a 4/7 majority is required to do so.
4) The MAB Chair may order a meeting.

Article IV: Duties

It is the job of the MAB to provide opinions and insight into the issues facing these United Purple Nations for the Lord Inquisitor, and, in some cases, the Grand Council. These issues may include, but are not in any way limited to, the prospect of war, significant long-term changes of the alliance tax rate, prominent internal investigations, inter-member conflict, or any other major event that concerns the alliance as a whole.

Article V: Removal

If any Board Member is not fulfilling their duties, over-reaching their limited authority, or in any way intentionally misrepresents the United Purple Nations, they can be removed in one way. The Primarch and/or the Lord Inqisitor may force the board member to step down.

Article VI: Amendment

Should these articles need to be amended it will require the consent of the Lord Inquisitor or the Primarch, and a majority vote by the MAB.


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